Introductory Products

Are you interested in playing Shadowrun, but don't know where to begin? FanPro just relaunched Shadowrun with a brand new edition -- Fourth Edition -- which features streamlined rules and an updated worldview.

Shadowrun, Fourth Edition: The complete rulebook for gamemasters and players. It contains all the rules needed to create characters and ongoing adventures set in the Shadowrun universe.

On The Run: This introductory adventure for Shadowrun, Fourth Edition sends the players in pursuit of an archaic media chip with priceless contents, mixing them up with a media legend's ancient history. This adventure is seeded with helpful advice to immediately acquaint new gamemasters with running Shadowrun and also includes a number of tips that veteran gamemasters will find useful. It is also intentionally designed to familiarize gamemasters and players with various key aspects of the Shadowrun universe.

SR4 Gamemaster's Screen with Contacts and Adventures Booklet: The SR4 GM Screen is a sturdy 4-panel screen with tons of charts and references for GM. Also includes a 32-page booklet with Contacts/NPCs complete with stats, and a selection of ready-to-run plot hooks for getting your game started!

Runner Havens: Introduces the players to two of the world's premier shadowrunner sprawls: Seattle and Hong Kong. Each city is described in detail for a shadowrunner's point-of-view, covering key topics such as the balance of power, corporate and underworld affairs, places to see, strange magics, and key features of interest. A wealth of plot hooks are also included.

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