Położenie: Pier 60, Downtown
LTG#: 206 (56-9288)
Menadżer: Bishop Ulrey
Uprzedzenia: Brak

The view from this downtown family-style restaurant makes just looking out the windows worth the price of a meal. One of the bigger restaurants in this fast-food chain, it offers many extras that some smaller ones do not. In addition to its "Gormet Soy" menu, the Pier 60 location serves several natural food dishes, including apple pie with cinnamon sauce and a great cup of espresso.

>>>>>[The manager is a former Aztechnology executive who still has friends inside the company.]<<<<<

You Should Not Eat So Much!: This isn’t so much a fast food joint as a family-style restaurant, although the food is served fast enough to compete in that respect. I’ve been to their downtown location, and the view from it is really wiz. Beyond their standard menu, which includes natural foods, they’ve also got a ‘Gourmet Soy’ menu, which means if you wanna impress the Johnson, this place is as good as any. The Pier 60 location, I hear, has some apple pie with cinnamon sauce to make your tongue curl and a cup of espresso to make your hair curl. None of it comes cheap, though, so we’re lucky that the food and view makes the price well worth it. The manager, Bishop Ulrey, used to be a low-level executive for Aztechnology; watch your back, ‘cause he’s still got chummers on the inside.

Prices: thumbs up. This may seem contradictory, but it is kinda pricey. However, it isn’t as bad as other places, and like I said, everything else makes up for the price. You could say that it all gets figured in.
Speed of Service: thumbs up. Speedy enough serving that you almost wonder if the help isn’t chipped.
Quality: thumbs up. Super-nova, everything. Just dress like you got a few noo to get the really good service, and you’re set.

> Ulrey’s got a partnership going with Loco Foods.
> Anonymous (11:03:22/3-12-60)

> Okay, chummers, what’s the buzz? Is Aztechnology trying to corner the market, here?
> Granger (11:16:13/3-12-60)

> I’d say they were well on their way, except Shiawase and Yamatetsu are still putting up a pretty big fight. I’d look for things
to heat up between them in the shadows right slotting quick.
> Bouncing Betty (11:23:52/3-12-60)

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