Yokogawa is a Japanese corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Its subsidiaries include Andcom, Emeral Crisis Management, NPI Instruments, Yokogawa Fire & Marine Insurance, Yokogawa-Honeywell Solutions, Yokogawa Power & Switchgear. It specializes in industrial and scientific precision instruments, and crisis/emergency management companies, which occasionally garners the company some positive press, such as the heroism of its Emeral firefighters in 2061.

Yokogawa's CEO, Manobu Watoga, is a koborokuru, a Japanese Dwarf metavariant, which makes him an unusual CEO by Japanese standards. Furthermore, he is not a metahuman rights activist in the inherently racist Japanese corporate culture. Instead, he sees his race as a "condition" which is shameful, and tries to rectify this by performing well at his corporate duties.

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