Wyrm Talk was Dunkelzahn's popular semi-annual trideo talk show, hosted by Holly Brighton. In 2039, Dunkelzahn and Nadja Daviar met at an art show in Paris, a meeting which quickly set the stage for Daviar becoming DUnkelzahn's translator and "voice" on his trid show "Wyrm Talk." Daviar continued in this capacity for Dunkelzahn for 18 years, and was his campaign manager in the 2057 elections. It was Dunkelzahn's platform to ramble about all sorts of subjects pertinent to the Awakened world, and was the primary vehicle that made Dunkelzahn popular and famous. After his death, it went into a hiatus, but was picked up by the dragon Masaru with Terri Ann Riberio as host.

Kalendarium Edytuj

  • 2042: Dunkelzahn rozpoczyna semi-annual "Wyrm Talk".
  • 2057: 15 Marca: Dunkelzahn ogłasza chęc kandydowania w wyborach prezydenckich UCAS podczas historycznej emisji "Wyrm Talk!"

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