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Mantis malus Edytuj

The Wyrd Mantis is the largest insect indigenous to Europe, and is the Awakened version of the common European "praying" mantis (Mantis religiosa). It is about 1.7 meters long and weighs 10 kilograms. The male is smaller than the female, weighing half as much and almost 1 meter shorter. In all respects, it looks like a large mantis, although it can change its skin color to match its surroundings at a slow rate.

Wyrd mantises are carnivores, hunting insects, small birds, and mammals, but it is quite aggressive in pursuing metahumans. Most governments offer a bounty of up to 3,000 nuyen for the insect due to its aggressiveness and dangerous venom. Unfortunately, the Wyrd Mantis seems immune to most pesticides.

Wyrd mantises live in forests throughout Central and Southern Europe.

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