Źródła Edytuj

#18 Kliknij To Kill A Dead Man (adventure, Stephan Wieck) White Wolf Magazine #18 s.4-12 (December/January 1989/90)

ISSN: 0897-9391

#21 New Shadowrun Player Archetypes, by Stephan Wieck White Wolf Magazine #21 s.27-31 (czerwiec/lipiec 1990)

#23 Kliknij Shadowrun Novice Archetypes, by Lance Webber White Wolf Magazine #23 s.11-16 (Oct/Nov 1990)

#24 Kliknij przygoda Rat's Den, by Stephan Wieck
White Wolf Magazine #24 s.4-11 (Dec 1990/Jan 1991)

#26 Kliknij
Physical Adepts, by Author: Charles Peirce, Interior Artist: Richard Thomas
White Wolf Magazine #26 s.10-16 (Apr/May 1991)

#30 Kliknij New Shamanic Totems, by Berin Kinsman White Wolf Magazine #30 s.23-25 (Feb 1992)

#31 Kliknij Shadows Across the Big Easy (autorzy: C. R. Shaver, Jason Rush; Interior Artist: Richard Thomas
White Wolf Magazine #31 s.26-38 (May/Jun 1992)

#32 Kliknij Natives of the Big Easy - C.R. Shaver & Jason Rush bring us seven new Archetypes in the second of their five-part Shadowrun series detailing New Orleans." White Wolf Magazine #32 s.25-32 (Jul/Aug 1992)

#33 Kliknij przygoda Shadows Over the Big Easy: Party Crashers aka Party Crashers (Autorzy: Jason Rush, C. R. Shaver)
White Wolf Magazine #33 s.10-22 (Nov/Dec 1992)
#34 Kliknij Magic Over Bourbon Street "Shadowrun™ - Magic over Bourban St.: C.R. Shaver and Jason Rush reveal the secrets of voodoo in Pt.4 of our Shadowrun™ New Orleans Supplement."
Voodoo (artykuł), by C. R. Shaver and Jason Rush
White Wolf Magazine #34 s.26-40 (Jan/Feb 1993)
#35 Kliknij The Darkest Shadow (adventure, C.R. Shaver & Jason Rush) "The Darkest Shadow - The Final intallment in our Shadowrun™ New Orleans supplement."
The White Wolf Magazine #35 s.6-16 (Mar/Apr 1993) Zajawka numeru ISSN: 0897-9391
#36 Kliknij A Shadowrunner's Guide to Enchanted Objects AKA A Guide to Enchanted Objects, by Clint Black
White Wolf Magazine #36 s.10-13
#38 Kliknij The Scope Of Magic AKA New Abilities for Physical Adepts (adept abilities, Herbert L. Helzer II & David Perry)
The White Wolf Magazine #38 s.57-62 (November/December 1993)
ISSN: 0897-9391
#45 Kliknij
Nova Gaia (organizacja w Denver, William Lenox - był jednym z autorów dodatku Denver - City of Shadows).
White Wolf Magazine #45 s.14-19 (June 1994)
ISSN: 0897-9391

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