• President/CEO: Holly Brighton
  • Headquarters: Lake Louise, NAN
  • Seattle Division: VisionQuest Studios, 2400 Beaux Arts Road, Bellevue
  • Division Head: Valerie Keene

VisionQuest Studios produces simsense programs, mostly for the VisionQuest theme park near Lake Louise. Holly Brighton, former confidante of the great dragon Dunkelzahn, inherited VisionQuest in the late dragon’s fabulous will. Since gaining control of the company, Brighton has pursued aggressive marketing and expansion. Attendance at the theme park is higher than ever, and VisionQuest is producing for public sale a line of sims based on material from the park and from Dunkelzahn’s life. The latest one, “Interview with a Dragon,” is hitting the bestseller lists all over North America. Speculation runs rampant on the subject of how long Brighton intends to hold on to the company. She’s never been so hands-on before, but it must be noted that VisionQuest is all she has left of a dear friend of thirty years. Even if she has no desire to run a corp, we should never underestimate the power of sentiment.

> Dunkelzahn bought VisionQuest from Ares years ago. Now that the company is going like gangbusters, I hear Ares wants to bring VisionQuest back into the fold. It’ll be a cold day in hell before Holly Brighton sells her company to Ares (she’s not Damien Knight’s biggest fan), but ol’ Damien has gone ice-skating in the devil’s backyard before, and no doubt will again.

> Errant Knight

> VisionQuest is supposed to have records and files of Dunkelzahn’s own experiments with what can only be called “dragon simsense”: attempts to make simsense recordings of the great dragon’s own brain and to create non-intrusive neural connections a dragon could use to access simsense and the Matrix. Dunkelzahn was known to be fascinated by Matrix and virtual reality tech, so the files probably exist, though who knows if they’re useful or not. Brighton just might.

> Data Bear

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