Ustrój:Democracy (nan2.101)
Populacja:1,050,000 (nan2.93)

Racial Breakdown Legend

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Tsimshian - Tsimshian seceded from the Native American Nations in 2037. It is an anti anglo nation composed entirely of native americans. The major tribes of this nation are Tsimshian and Tlingit tribes. Minor tribes are Haida and Kwakiutl tribes. The minor tribes are oppressed and have recently have formed militant groups.

History Edytuj

Tsimshian was created when the NAN was formed but because of differences in how the NAN should be run Tsimshian left the NAN. Tsimshian’s defection from the NAN was the last straw for Howling Coyote. After he spent years attempting to guide the NAN through the Sovereign Tribal Council, he resigned in disgust. He was not afraid to let it be known that he was not happy at what the NAN had become.

In the 2060s, after it was finished plundering Tsimshian, the megacorporation Mitsuhama Computer Technologies withdrew from Tsimshian territory causing problems with the Tsimshian government and economy. After losing a great deal of territory in 2029 to Tír Tairngire the Salish-Shidhe lost no time in effectively making it a Salish protectorate.

Politics Edytuj

Geography Edytuj

Ekonomia Edytuj

Obecnośc Korporacji
Mitsuhama (nan2.101)

Źródła Edytuj

Native American Nations Volume Two, pp 93-105.
New Seattle, s. 11-12.
Shadowrun: Third Edition, s. 320-321.

Relacje z U.C.A.S.: Target: U.C.A.S., s. 20-21.
Relacje z Germany: Germany Sourcebook, s. 43.

The Pipeline smuggling route passes through Tsimshian (tsh.88).
Very little Mafia influence (und.37).

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This page forked from Wordman's The Sixth World: A geographical index to the world of Shadowrun

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