Source: White Wolf Magazine issue 35, March/April 1993
Authors: C.R. Shaver & Jason Rush
Page: 6
Edition: First
Plot: A houngan (voodoo shaman) in New Orleans hires the PCs to find her missing sister. It turns out she was murdered by a vampire possessed by a loa (voodoo god/spirit), who is not too difficult to find. He does prove very difficult to kill, however, and then disappears. The runners can use various ways to find him again, but all lead to a townhouse and an old plantation. The latter is where they will eventually end up, just in time for a large fight with 15 zombies and the vampire.
Thoughts: This looks to be an uncomplicated adventure with one trouble area: the vampire should not be killed, as he is "someone to haunt the characters for years to come." This will probably lead to some forced situations unless the gamemaster is very careful. The adventure recommends that the player characters have at least 60 Karma, but as I haven't run it I don'tknow if this is strictly necessary.
Notes: This adventure ties in with articles published in earlier issues of White Wolf Magazine concerning voodoo and New Orleans in Shadowrun. As such it does not fit particularly well with the voudoun rules from Awakenings or Magic in the Shadows.

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