Melee Weapons Table pg 122

Edged Weapons Reach Damage
Forearm Snap Blades 0 (STR)M
Katana 1 (STR+3)M
Knife 0 (STR)L
Survival Knife 0 (STR+2)L
Sword 1 (STR+2)M

Combat Axe 2 (STR)S
Thrusting Point 0 (STR+2)M
Pole Arm 2 (STR+3)S
Staff 2 (STR+2)M Stun

Club 1 (STR+1)M Stun
Sap 0 (STR+2)M Stun
Stun Baton 1 6S Stun

Handblade 0 (STR+3)L
Hand Razor 0 (STR)L
Improved Hand Razor 0 (STR+2)L
Spurs 0 (STR)M

Shock Glove 0 (STR-1)M + 7S Stun
Unarmed 0 (STR)M Stun
Plastic Bone Lacing 0 (STR+2)M
Aluminum Bone Lacing 0 (STR+3)M
Titanium Bone Lacing 0 (STR+4)M

Whip 2 (STR)L
Monofilament Whip 2 10S

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