Vital Statistics (unofficial) Edytuj

(The population and demographics stats here represent the entire St. Louis Sprawl, including the E. St. Louis Barrens where many of the Orks, Trolls, and Dwarfs live in over-crowded tenements of blight and squalor)

Population: 2,008,089 
  Human: 64%
  Elf: 8%
  Dwarf: 6%
  Ork: 17%
  Troll: 5%
  Other: 1%
White: 51%
  Jewish: 11%
  Irish: 9%
  Italian: 5%
  English: 4%
  German: 25%
  Polish: 2%
Black: 47%
Hispanic: 1%
  Puerto Rican: 3%
  Aztlaner: 51%
  Colombian: 2%
Asian: 1%
  Chinese: 21%
  Vietnamese: 23%
  Asian Indian: 13%
  Japanese: 8%
  Filipino: 11%
  Korean: 5%
  Thai: 2%
  Hawai'ian: 2%
Amerindian: 0%

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