Main Gates: 2011 - 156th Street SE, Snohomish
LTG#: 17206 (28-5783)
Uprzedzenia: Przeciwko Orkom i Trollom

The society Farm is ultramodern. Wheat, lettuce, cabbage, soy, apples, berries and tomatoes are grown in huge fields that are electronically monitored and artificially conditioned. What can't be grown outdoors is cultivated in huge greenhouses located on the south side of the farm. The farm has a state-of-the-art security system to guard against trespassers and vandals.

>>>>>[The Farm has had several incidents of bombings recently and rumors have it that competitors such as Assenson's Flying Thunderbird Farm and Allied Independent Agribusiness of Snohomish Farms might be sabotaging the farm.]<<<<<

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