Położenie: South Thirteenth Street and Broadway Plaza, Tacoma
LTG#: 5206 (16-2230)
Menadżer: Karen Nevijei
Uprzedzenia: Brak

More than 300 Metahumans fled to this turn-of-the-century hotel to hide from the flames of the Noc Gniewu. They were protected from certain death by the hotel's predominantly Human staff, who literally barricaded the entrances of the hotel against terrorist intruders. This moment in the hotel's history is proudly remembered with a plaque and a small museum in the lobby.

The plush decor and affordable prices make the Sheraton Tacoma a favorite of many visitors.

>>>>>[There is rumored to be a secret entrance leading from the hotel basement to a suspected Ork Underground. The hotel may also be the meeting place of a pro-Ork policlub.]<<<<<

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