Microsoft planował to kilka lat temu, na konsolę Xbox.

Niestety, projekt zawieszono. kliknij kliknij kliknij kliknij


Cancelled Game: Shadowrun: Assassin Edytuj

In the late 90s, FASA Interactive was busy working on a whole series of Shadowrun games. The first, scheduled to come out in 1998 for the PC, was Shadowrun: Assassin, featuring a female Shadowrunner who hunts down and kills other hit men. Apparently, there would have been a heavy reliance on both action and stealth, which makes it sounds similar to Blizzard's Starcraft: Ghost, another cancelled title in a popular franchise. Only very early concept shots were shown to the public. The game, along with the entire run of proposed Shadowrun games, were canned, while FASA Interactive continues to make Mechwarrior games for Microsoft.


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