20-500: Shadow Runners Edytuj

Price: $6.50
Figures: 4
Overview: This set contains four figures, of a male human or elf gang member with an Ingram Smartgun, a ditto detective type with an Ares Predator II, an ugly-looking male dwarf with a laser crescent axe, and a Native American human female shaman with a staff (staff = magician as far as 25 mm figures are concerned, it seems). The sculpting is generally good, though I'm not too pleased with the detective's hat, as it's much too thick. The dwarf is also not really to my taste, being a kind of street punk type wearing shorts and entirely too many vicious melee weapons. He looks more like a refugee from Mad Max than a shadowrunner, I feel. On the whole I don't rate this set too highly, but perhaps that has to do with Ral Partha still having to get into the genre with this first set.

  • Sculptor: D. Mize & D. Summers
  • Scale: 25/28mm
  • Material: White metal alloy (contains lead)

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Iron Wind Metals

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