Położenie: Pier 64, Downtown
LTG#: 206 (52-5620)
Director: Dr. Robert Gromiing
Uprzedzenia: Brak

This small but well designed aquarium focuses most of its attention on the sea life in Puget Sound. Visitos begin by weaving their way past displays and aquariums that inform as well as amaze. Next come convincing recreations of the costal ecosystems typical of the waters of the Puget Sound, complete with live shorebirds. Visitors then enter a large, glass-domed room completely surrounded by an aquarium containing sharks, salmon, snapper, octopi and other denizens of the Sound. Visitors can follow the salmon ladder up and outside to appreciate the view of Elliot Bay and to see the stars of the aquarium -- the sea lions and the sea otters. Hours vary seasonally. Admission is six nuyen for adults, threee nuyen for children.

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