Saver's Central: This is Kong-Wal's main competition in the arena of prices and variety merchandise, except Saver's Central looks for a little more quality and focuses their scope more on food, with clothing and furniture usually housed in a separate building altogether. These guys came out on top during the food riots in '99, able to propose mergers, leverage corporate buyouts and hostile takeovers so quickly that we all blinked and it was over. They were largely the ones responsible for keeping most of the riots down to a dull roar, doling out what food could be found, bought or extorted at low enough prices to still keep afloat and keep people from going ballistic. The Crash of 2029 hurt them like everyone else, but not nearly as much, oddly enough. They were able to keep most of the scheduled food deliveries going, and when the Matrix became the giant communications network that it is today, all it did was streamline things for them. They've since then branched out cautiously into other merchandise, looking for a bigger slice of the profit pie that Kong-Wal's been eating. Rumor's been rampant about them lately, boys and girls, mostly from the Azzie side of things, so keep your ears to the ground for plenty of biz. You might end up getting more from them than just your soy and cornbread.

Prices: thumbs up. They're a couple pennies more expensive than Kong-Wal, but it's still easy on your stick. You'll still have plenty left over for whatever swings your rope.
Speed of Service: thumbs down. Sorry folks....what works at the other guy's is just the opposite here. Saver's will give you the hairy eyeball and ask all kinds of stupid questions while they run your stuff through the checker. Apparently this is standard service. I even peeked at their SOP's in there.
Quality: thumbs up. I give this rating kinda reluctantly....the quality is better than Kong-Wal's, but it still isn't anything to yell about. Sometimes the quality is a little different from store to store, too, depending on which area it's located.

> Stay away from the Aztlan imported stuff. My buddy Kaz says the Azzies and their blood mages used the blood from their
sacrifices to water their crops and make them grow. President Dunkelzahn's will may be putting a bounty on blood mages, but
that doesn't mean they've quit for good.
> Magic Man (09:33:18/3-12-60)

> You been inhalin' too much incense, Magic Man. Who's going to believe that bulldrek about watering crops with blood? Azzies
are just bad news, omae, and that's that.
> GreenGrows (09:34:25/3-12-60)

> I'd believe it.
> Matador (10:41:39/3-12-60)

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