Ruhrmetall AG was created when the whole metal industry of the Ruhr area (except those companies that became part of Saeder-Krupp) united into one single corporation based in Essen, AGS.
Ruhrmetall produces all kinds of machinery and engine parts, nuclear power plants and off-shore drilling platforms and all kinds of weaponry (from pistols to battle tanks).

As competition in the heavy industry sector is fierce Ruhrmetall maintains a high level of security: The corporation has a standing army of about 5,000 men (including combat deckers and magicians) organized in highly mobile and well-trained units.
In addition, Ruhrmetall is a major MET 2000 shareholder (18%).

Major Subsidiaries Edytuj

Carl Walther GmbH
By taking over fellow arms manufacturer Mauser and re-introducing the Luger brand Walther has become Germany's #2 small arms producer (after Heckler & Koch).
Ruhrmetall Rail AG
RR builds anything that moves on rails including the majority of locomotives used in Europe.

Niektóre produkty Edytuj

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