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Roc, Lesser

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Picture from Paranormal Animals of North America

Diamedia roc Edytuj

The Lesser Roc is the Awakened form of the albatross (Diamedia exulans). It is typically 2.0 meters long and can achieve a wingspan of over 6.0 meters. It has a sharp hooked beak and grasping talons, with white feathers on the body and black feathers on the head and tips of the wings.

The lesser roc is a carnivore and scavenger, living on both smaller animals (birds and fish) and carrion. They have long migratory patterns, traveling thousands of miles up and down various coastlines. They nest in colonies of as many as 100 individuals. Some have been known to be aggressive, attacking fishing ships and humans on the decks of boats.

Lesser rocs have incredibly keen eyesight and senses, and they appear to be immune to most poisons and diseases. They live along both East and West coastlines of North America.

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