Ze strony Gurtha

Road Warriors

Source: Adventures Unlimited issue 4, Winter 1995
Author: Lisa Smedman
Page: 36
Edition: any
Plot: First of all, it needs to be said that this is an adventure for Cyberpunk 2020 with adaptations for Shadowrun included at the end.
The adventure consists of the PCs being hired to provide security for a transport carrying toxic waste—which the PCs do not know—, a job that will take several days, and which requires them to co-operate with both law enforcement and with a gang/tribe which was also hired for protection of the convoy. During the adventure the characters will have to deal with law enforcement as well as attacks by another gang. This gang wants the chemicals in one of the trucks to take revenge on someone. Naturally, this will become a hazard to the team eventually, and it's mainly up to the players to prevent the gang from getting the toxins and poisoning thousands of people with them.
Thoughts: The adventure is very linear, in that it consists mainly of a long chase and confrontations between the convoy on one side and the attacking gang on the other. It would nonetheless make for a good in-between adventure, or perhaps one to start a toxic shaman campaign off with.

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