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History Edytuj

When Italy collapsed many of the rich and aristocratic fled to the provinces surrounding Venice. Using their wealth and the chaos they built themselves into a ruling aristocratic government reminiscent of Venice's PAtrician families of the past.

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Economy Edytuj

Serenissima is locked in competition with neighbouring Trieste trying to build itself into the centre of commerce in Central Europe. Tourism and bulk sea trade are the two main industries with Venice specialising in high tech and luxury goods.

References Edytuj

SoE p106. Is the Confederation's second most prosperous state. Many of the rich industrialists and financiers that fled GeMiTo settled in the provinces around Venice, using the wealth to buy influence.

SoE p106. Venice is a stopover on the Grand Tour during the summer.

SoE p106. Some time in 2057 the Immortal Elf known as Brightlight that like to style himself as Leonardo approached the government incognito and offered to clean up the canal waters for them before dissapearing. Since then the waters have cleared up and the city has stopped sinking into the soil beneath it.

SoE p106. Corporations are restricted to the Lido and the islands that they own.

SoE. 106. Population controls are in place with a population limit with none residents having to wear tracking bracelets when visiting. Most people live outside the city and commute in. All firearms are also banned.

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