Republic of Québec




Ustrój:Representative Democracy
Stolica:Québec City
Przywódcy:President: Maxime M. Gagné
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PKB (na głowę ¥):21,000
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PKB (razem ¥):219,8 billion
Waluta:Québec Dollar ($) = Nuyen (¥)
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The Republic of Québec or Québec (French: République du Québec or Québec) is a country in eastern North America, between Hudson Bay and St Lawrence River (French: St Laurent).

It shares land borders with UCAS , Algonkian-Manitou Council and a marine border with France's dependency of St Pierre et Miquelon island. The capital is Québec City.

Vital Statistics Edytuj

Population: 18,467,000
  Human: 100%
  Elf: 0%  	> Unauthorized
  Dwarf: 0%  	> Unauthorized
  Ork: 0%  	> Unauthorized
  Troll: 0% 	> Unauthorized
White: 90%
Black: 5%
Hispanic: 2%
Asian: 2%
Amerindian: 1%

Historia Edytuj

1663 - Nouvelle France becomes a province of France.
1763 - Nouvelle France pass under the control of Great Britain under the name Québec.
1867 - Great Britain gives Canada self-governance.
1970 - The FLQ manifesto.
2010 - Québec secedes from Canada. Admirals Marchand and Doucet were on the front line of the independance of Québec and are now national heroes
2011 - President Maurice Lévesque and Pope John Paul IV denounces metahumans as abominations in the eyes of God.
2013 - President Maurice Lévesque assassinated by a Troll !
2014 - Creation of QRA. (Québec Republican Army)
2017 - The NQAM (Native Quebeckers Against Methahumans) movement is rising.
2019 - Construction of a launch facility near Thetford Mines.
2020 - Martial law, Québec Supreme Court: No equal rights to metahumans!
2021 - Admirals Doucet and Marchand invaded and annexed Acadia after a long and bloody naval battle against UCAS Navy's warships. Admiral Doucet ship sunk and the hero died in the battle. Québec commands a statue for his heroic memory
2022 - Labor camp system in north of Québec for evil methahumans.
2025 - President Charles Lavoie reject In Imago Dei.
2026 - Creation of NDP. (National Deaths Patrol)
2029 - Thousands of methahumans households eliminated and their property confiscated by NDP.
2030 - Methahumans were no longer accept in Republic of Quebec. Dissidents were sentenced to death by NDP. End of the martial law.
2031 - QRA shoots down UCAS spy plane over Québec territory.
2035 - 100% of humans in Republic of Québec ! Hourah ! A new era of prosperity and freedom begins.
2040 - A massive chemical spill kills 50,000 people in Trois-Rivière.
2042 - Major earthquake in Montreal... No official report.

Polityka Edytuj

Geografia Edytuj

Ekonomia Edytuj

Québec signed the Business Recognition Accords. Extraterritoriality can be applied within the limits of "Enterprise Zones" set by the government and leased to megacorporations. There are currently 12 Enterprise Zones in Québec City and 18 in Montreal.

Źródła Edytuj

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