AKA Phantom Lake Ring

Szefem jest charyzmatyczny David Ockrassa.
Leader: David Ockrassa
Territory: Bellevue
Symbol: A white crane holding a coin in its beak.

While the Divine Revenge Ring controls the information and influence trade in Bellevue, the Phantom Lake Ring controls a large portion of smuggling from Redmond across Lake Sammamish into Bellevue. The Ring operates several small watercraft on late-night runs across the lake, then trucks goods to storehouses in the Lake Hills area around Phantom Lake. Surveillance shows a semi-regular schedule of shipments from operations in Redmond (particularly Inglewood, along the lake shore), but our most recent attempt to apprehend the perps failed when an unidentifiable force destroyed the patrol boats, killing two officers and injuring several others. DPI is assessing the situation.

The ring’s leader, David Ockrassa, is a cipher. He is apparently of part-Korean heritage, like most Seoulpa Ring leaders, but nothing else about him can be verified. Records concerning him were most likely lost in the Schism or never established.

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