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Primary LairDenver

Perianwyr is a Western Dragon who manages the Weekday Eclipse, a music club in Denver. He was given Dunkelzahn’s extensive music collection as a bequest in Dunkelzahn’s Will, and apparently loves music of all kinds. He has a knack for finding new musical talent, and talent agents often book groups that perform at the Weekday Eclipse.

Perianwyr’s past is considerably shadier than that of a simple music lover. He was once part of the best assassin team in the world, partnered up with a former Aztechnology hitman named Kyle Morgan. As a teenager, Kyle Morgan saved Perianwyr’s life as he was Awakening, and they became friends, sharing some sort of empathic link. It is rumored that Kyle Morgan was killed in a plane crash, his past finally catching up to him, leaving Perianwyr to his own devices.

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