Garrote Finger Edytuj

A quick twist releases the top of this digit while leaving it connected to the main mechanism by a strong strand of metal. This concealed weapon is ideal for quick terminations as victims rarely escape the garrote once it is drawn over their heads and around their necks. A character needs two more successes than his opponent in order to get the garrote around the throat. The "garroted" character must then make a successful Opposed Success Test in order to escape death. Each character rolls a target number equal to the opposite character's strength with the attacker gaining a +1 bonus to his strength. If the victim wins the test he escapes the hold, but if the attacker wins, the victim reduces his strength by one. The Opposed Success Tests continue until the victim breaks free or is reduced to zero strength. If reduced to zero strength the victim dies. The time for one test is one combat turn. Characters that break free regain their strength at a rate of one point per minute while resting.

Garrote Finger
Koszt Esencji: 0.15
Dostępność: 6/4 dni
Cena: 3500 ¥
Indeks Ulicy 2


Kage vol 1, Issue 2 (pierwszy kwartał 1994)

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