Pacific Rim Communications Unlimited (also known as the PRC) is a pan-Asian telecommunications company that maintains networks in major cities all across the Pacific Ocian from Kuala Lumpur to Seattle. It is a member of the Pacific Prosperity Group, which has given them many lucrative contracts including the Malaysian Independent Bank and a joint PRC-Shibata satellite constellation. The PRC is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and its CEO is Choi Kun. While its Pacific Prosperity Group associations make it an unpopular corporation among the Japanacorps, it is rumored that the PRC joined the PPG because it was denied admission among the the inner circle of Japanacorps.

After the Matrix Crash 2.0 ruined the company, financially and among its primary assets, it was bought by the Eastern Tiger Corporation, which used the resources of the PRC to snatch up lucrative Augmented Reality contracts.

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