Położenie: Alaska Street South and 120th Street South, Fort Lewis
LTG#: 22206 (68-7655)
Właściciel: Wally "Walrus" Miller
Uprzedzenia: Brak

>>>>>[For anyone with needs or interests that are illegal, this is probably the best computer store in the district. The store's main room displays a typical array of powerless corporate suit machines, but the right connection or the right price can get you to a back vault where the really "hot" items are kept.

The store is also known for renting "hot" decks, which is unusual. Besides having to put up a large chunk of credit for the machine, the renter must agree in writing to give the store a percentage (usually one-third) of any loot obtained through use of the deck. There are security procedures, such as a beeper location on every deck, as well as self-destruct mechanisms, to discourage anyone from stealing the decks.]<<<<<

>>>>>[Nobody who does this for a living expects to stay alive and still buy anything from a store. Everything is custom made to spec. No serial numbers, no warranty registration data fax numbers, no owner manuals. You buy off the shelf, chummer, and you ain't gonna last a micro-second.]<<<<<

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