The Michael A. Stackpole Bibliography

The following is the most complete bibliography available concerning Mike's work. It is by no means complete. It does not include small articles for convention books, his long-running column for Comic and Games Retailer, The Secrets issues nor the occasional article written for and published here on his website.
This bibliography is current to November, 2004
The way to read any entry is the following:
Year (of publication)
Title (publisher) (Awards or other information)
If an entry has an asterisk (*) it means Mike was a contributor.
If an entry has a cross (†) it means Mike was an editor on the project.
Computer Games (MATT: wybrane)

  • Wasteland* (Interplay/Electronic Arts) (Winner 1988 Best Adventure game from Computer Gaming World; CGW Hall of Fame Game)
  • Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate (Interplay/Electronic Arts)


  • Neuromancer *(Interplay Productions) (Winner1989 Best Adventure game from Computer Gaming World)

Game aids



  • Short fiction

There are a few notations after some of the short stories to help folks identify them. They are:

  • SR = Shadowrun

  • If there is no indication of a universe it belongs to, it's original with Mike




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