20-516: Mercs and Bouncers Edytuj

Najemnicy i "bramkarze"

Rezenzja ze strony Gurtha:

Price: $6.50
Figures: 4
Parts: 4
Overview: A somewhat strange combination, mercenaries and bouncers, but the figures in the set are good enough not to worry about this too much. Out of the four figures, three are human and one is a troll. The humans are a male bouncer, looking like he's about to punch someone's lights out, an male and female mercs, each armed with an HK227 and a holstered pistol. The male is bare-chested under his armor jacket, HK ready (note that in the photo above, it's missing the end of its barrel), while the female is almost throwing a grenade, with more hanging from her belt. Finally, the troll bouncer (who is once again very short for a troll) is just standing there with a sap in his hand, as if saying, "Or else..." Detail on all the figures is good, though anatomy could be better, especially the human bouncer's hands which are very big.

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