• President/CEO: William Welsh
  • Headquarters: 4th Avenue and Stewart Street, Downtown

MegaMedia is Seattle’s largest entertainment corporation, operating out of a downtown office tower decorated with four massive outdoor trideo screens that display clips from the company’s many programs. MegaMedia is invested in video, audio, text and simsense.

Most of the corp’s rivals are in California, like Amalgamated Studios and Brilliant Genesis. Local competition is practically nonexistent. You can’t hardly go to a cheap club or theater in this town without tripping over a MegaMedia scout, looking for fresh talent for the corporate media machine.

> Working for MegaMedia is a good way to get invited to the best parties in Seattle, where the most glamorous people hang out and show off for each other. They may be corporate, but they sure know how to put on a show!

> Janey

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