FANDOM Lofwyr w Tir Tairngire

TypeWielki smok zachodni
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Lofwyr jest Wielkim Smokiem Zachodnim. Jego łuska jest zabarwiona na złoto. Przedewszystkim znany jest z bycia jedynym udziałowcem Saeder-Kruppi tego że jest najbogaszą "osobą" na Ziemi. Jego główna rezydencja znajduje się w arkologii Saeder-Krupp w Essen w Niemczech. Lofwyr najbardziej lubi metaludzką formę białego człowieka z długimi stalowo-szarymi włosami i złotymi oczyma. Jest posiadaczem Klejnotu Pamięci, artefaktu, który w pewien sposób jest bardzo ważny dla drakonidów. Imię Lofwyra jest wzbudza groze i szacunek na całym świecie, jego intrygi i działania były zalążkiem który dał początek powiedzeniu: "Nigdy nie wchodź w układy ze Smokami".

He has had a long-standing (albeit one-sided) conflict with Wilhelmina Graff-Beloit, who had her stroke on the same day Nachtmeister and Lofwyr battled over Frankfurt (she dies six months later). It is rumored that Johnny Spinrad is continuing her crusade against him.

History Edytuj

Lofwyr Awakened on March of 2012 at Mauserberg near the Dauner Maare in the Eifel region. Unlike other German dragons, he talked his way past the military forces sent to secure the area. In May of 2012, he steps into a fight between the dragons Nebelherr and Kaltenstein, siding with the former. In 2036, Lofwyr accepts a seat on Tir Tairngire's Council of Princes, a position that he kept until June of 2062. In August of 2035, Lofwyr steps forward as the majority shareholder of the BMW/Krupp empire. He encorporates several other corporations in the following years to form Saeder-Krupp. In 2042, his Mauserberg lair was destroyed during the eruptions of the Eifel volcanoes, and he subsequently moved into the Saeder-Krupp headquarters in the Rhine-Ruhr Megaplex. In 2057, the Jewel of Memory was bequeathed to him by the late Dunkelzahn.

Relationship with other Dragons Edytuj

Lofwyr has a long-standing rivalry with his brother Alamais. He also is quite hostile and competitive toward Ghostwalker, whom he sees as a rival. Aden considers Lofwyr's activities in the Middle East an intrusion on his/her turf, and thus the two do not get along (DotSW, 187). He has a newfound respect for Hestaby, which may have led to the reason why he abdicated his Council seat in favor of her. He remains neutral to most other Great Dragons, although he reportedly killed the great dragon Nachtmeister on June 21, 2062 over a dispute of some sort. He was given the Jewel of Memory by Dunkelzahn, which implies some sort of respect between the two.


Ral ParthaEdytuj

20-589: Lofwyr

Price: $15.95
Figures: 1
Parts: 10
Overview: Possibly the most dangerous dragon in the world, Lofwyr is the president of Saeder-Krupp, the world's largest megacorp. This large figure assembles from a fair number of parts into a good model of a western dragon, which however does appear much slimmer and of different build than Dunkelzahn, especially where the head is concerned. It's a well-detailed figure nonetheless, and impressive in the way the dragon stands on his rear legs with wings half spread out. However, the figure is very poorly balanced, and mine leans on his right wingtip to keep upright (going by the photo reproduced here, I'm not the only one who's discovered that problem). A base would be in order for this dragon, I feel.
A color painting of Lofwyr appears in Tir Tairngire, but according to the owner of the original painting, Shadorat, the plate is very dark compared to the actual painting, so you might want to keep that in mind when choosing colors for the figure. Lofwyr is a redbrown/golden dragon, so I opted for a bronze back and sides with a golden underside and wings, keeping the painting in Tir Tairngire at hand while painting. You can, natually, choose to paint this dragon in any other reasonable color to represent a western dragon other than Lofwyr.

Lofwyr (Limited Re-Release)
Available only through Iron Wind Metals' online store. Model supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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