Loco Foods: This Aztechnology-owned version of the good ole' Stuffer Shack's been seeing a lot of business lately, despite the negative newsfeeds that somehow find their way into the mainstream (funny how that happens, eh boys and girls?). Seems folks get tired of the standard Seattle Elven/Ork/Amerind/soy standbys and start looking for something new....and Loco Foods provides. Offering a pretty good selection of foods and products manufactured in Aztlan and by Aztechnology-owned companies, you get a taste of what it's like down south without having to brave the borders to visit. Some of the food's pretty spicy, with things like jalapeños and habaneras to put a little hot under your collar if you're not used to sweating while you eat.

Prices: thumbs up. I don't know how they're doing it, but they're undercutting Stuffer Shack's prices and turning a decent profit. Bears looking into, don't it?
Speed of Service: thumbs up. You get the same kind of convenience as Stuffer Shack, except sometimes for some oddball floor plans that get you temporarily lost among the high shelves.
Quality: thumbs up. Same reason as the Stuffer Shack, except, well, this is Azzieland, remember? Not too many chummers I know trust anything from Aztlan; if it looks too good to be true, chances are it is.

> Oh come on, vaqueros, she's obviously got something against Aztechnology. Wassamatta, have a run go sour?
> Pancho Vanilla (14:38:02/3-12-60)

> Tag, you're it. Hope ya like the present I gave ya... you may find your time hogged by it. And one more word of advice...
never, ever try to tag me again, you Azzie slime.
> Sekhmet (HA:VE:AN/IC-ED-AY)

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