Las Vegas remains the largest single site dedicated to gambling in the Sixth World, surpassing Monaco and Atlantic City. Almost anything goes in this city, from casinos to arena death matches to brilliant simsense entertainment not found anywhere else. Its prime location and strong shadow and underworld connections make it a perfect point-of-entry for a shadowrunner, whether you are a smuggler, dodging some heat, or just starting out in the biz.

Transportation into Las Vegas is mostly served by the McCarren International Airport, located to the south of the city proper. Air access to the city is also available through Sky Harbor Airport in Henderson or further southeast at Boulder City Airport. Principle road access is I-15, which runs down toward the California Free State and Highway 95. High-speed rail links run to Los Angeles and Denver.

The Region Edytuj

Within the city, the most visited location is the Las Vegas Strip, a 3 km long buffet of hotels, casinos, and resorts catering to every imaginable need and desire. Other major entertainment areas include the Freemont Street and the area near the McCarren airport expansion (nicknamed "Twilight").

The west and southwest sides are primarily residential and are home to famous golf courses and country clubs. The northwest side has seen better days, but is the target of city-funded rehabilitation to breath new life into the area. North Las Vegas is the equivalent of the Barrens in Seattle, a den of poverty and crime. South of Vegas is the industrial area of Henderson and the residential-commercial area of Boulder City is to the southeast.

Crime Edytuj

Despite the efforts of the local police force, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police (LV Metro for short), crime in both organized and unorganized fashion runs rampant. However, the only danger a visitor to Las Vegas will find is losing all of their vacation money at one of the many gambling games, if they stay within the main entertainment areas. Outside of the tourist areas, many gangs threaten to tear apart the stability of the city. Smugglers have used Las Vegas's central location to establish routes between Denver, Seattle, the Tir, CalFree, Pueblo, and Aztlan.

The two organized crime syndicates struggling for control are the Italian Mafia (dominated by the Verontesse family) and Comanche Mafia. The Yakuza, Seoulpa Rings, and Triads barely measure a presence within the city of sin, wielding as little influence as a local gang or smuggling circle.


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