Phoenix Biotechnologies (Phoenix) Edytuj

Siedziba: Phoenix, Pueblo
Prezes / CEO: Jeremy Newburg-Rinn
Because of Pueblo Corporate Council special status, Phoenix Biotechnologies (Biotechnologie: badania i inżynieria genetyczna) was in 2060 the first legally declared Pueblo corporation to receive AA status and extraterritoriality right from the Corporate Court. The corporate council remains the main shareholder with 50.5% of the voting stock. Outside of the Pueblo Corporate Council, Phoenix Biotechnologies (Biotechnologie: badania i inżynieria genetyczna) is very present in the Southern Hemisphere and especially in Amazonia.
Phoenix Biotechnologies (Biotechnologie: badania i inżynieria genetyczna) three main branches are pharmaceutics, Rolnictwo and magical medical appliances. It entered the market of biological implants late but seemingly learned from the mistakes other made company before, and quickly moved on another sector to lead Pueblo research in nanotechnology.
Proteus AG (Helgoland, Niemcy)
UCAS Compustat
Vantages Partners (monobe)
Pueblo Corporation
Corporate Ownership
Brak danych
Firmy, które kontroluje
Airlink Transit
Amalgamated Studios
EEX (Los Angeles)
Falcon Express
Fun City Kirtland Aeronautical Laboratories (Albuquerque )
LivingWorld Productions
Pueblo Security Enterprises, Inc.
Sandia Laboratories (Computers/Albuquerque)
Studio City (Los Angeles)
Shibata Construction and Engineering
Suzhou Biotechnology (Biotechnologia: badania i inżynieria genetyczna)
Tanamyre (Brisbane, Australia)
Ważne Oddziały
Tanamyre Environmental Services
Tanamyre Exploitations & Mining
Tanamyre Resources
Firmy, które kontroluje
Commonwealth Aerospace Systems (Systemy kosmiczne)
Commonwealth Armament Solutions
Transys Neuronet
Transys Data Services
Transys General
Transys Neuronet
Transys Neuronet America
Transys Neuronet Asia
Transys Neuronet Europe
Transys Neuronet Great Britain
Transys Ultra
Firmy, które kontroluje
TriCom Telecommunications
Mindstrom Neurotechnologies
Belle Mead Communications
Bristol Optics
China Cable Limited
Emerging Futures
Götaland Telekom
InterScience Incorporated
Iris Software
Yakashima Technologies
Corporate Ownership
Brak danych
Firmy, które kontroluje
Biogene Laboratories Incorporated
Biogene Technologies Incorporated
Farm-the-Sea Incorporated (Anchorage, Athabaskan)

Zeta-ImpChem (AA)Edytuj

Though not considered a major corporate player due to its size, Z-IC has proven to be a constant problem for Saeder-Krupp in the chemical sector. Z-IC is based out of switzerland and has been rumored to be funded by another great Dragon. Though the rumors persist there has been no actual proof to these allegations. Z-IC continues to thrive, primarily due to the large number of breaktroughs the company has made in low cost manufacturing of goods.
The company makes its home in Interlaken, Switzerland. With a second office locate in the UCAS.
Corporate Ownership
Brak danych
Ważne SubOddziały
Zeta-ImpChem UK (located in Cleaveland, Ohio)
Hoechst AG (Pharmaceuticals/Niemcy)
Zurich-Orbital Gemeinshaft Bank
While they generally maintain their main presence in a single country, A-rating designates a corporation as a Multinational. A-rated corporations are the smallest corporations allowed extraterritiality. , However, A-Level corporations do not automatically recieve extraterritoriality from the corporate council. Corporations at this level must earn their status through an achievement on a global scale. This achievement may be the development of new technology as in the case of Tan Tien's revelutionary nano-processor. The distiction can also come from a supportive plea by a larger MegaCorp such as Warpdrive systems who recieved it's extrateritoriality from a request made to the corporate council by Ares. What follows is a list of A-rated corporations:

Armament Eireann-Tir
Ważne Oddziały
AET Ergonomic Weapon Systems
AET Integrated Security Systems
Amtrak Incorporated
Centurion Security (UCAS) ?? CENTURION Industries??
Colbert Group - byłym prezesem był prezydent UCAS (chodzi o stan sprzed wyborów)
Draco Foundation
LOGO: [url][/url]
Ważne Oddziały
Dunkehlzahn Institute of Migical Research
- Technically, the DIMR works under its own operational board with its own rules. Draco has no pwer over the DIMR and the DIMR equally has no power over Draco but the two organizations are cooperative.
- CorpWatcher
Firmy, które kontroluje
Assets Incorporated
Cherry Creek Limited
Libra Holdings Incorporated
Ellington General Ordinance (UCAS)
Meynt-Zai (Home Office: Omaha, NEB)
Firmy, które kontroluje
Proteus Subsystems (Microsystems/Des Moines, IA)
Morpheus International (UCAS)
Nagato Corp (UCAS/Japonia)
Select Aviation (UCAS)
Spinrad Industries
Firmy, które kontroluje
Bodyline Catalogue
Tan Tien (Beijing)<br /> Telestrian Industries
Firmy, które kontroluje
Aeon Pathways
BioLogic Technologies
Green Arrow Industries
Lotus Eater Entertainment
NeuroTech Computing
Nova Vita Cybernetics
Novalis Optical Technologies
Telestrian Biotechnology (Biotechnologie: badania i inżynieria genetyczna)
Wallid Materials (Seattle)
Warpdrive Systems (Denver FRFZ)
Extraterritoriality does not apply to National corporations. They are forced to exist within the boundaries of their host countries. Some host countries, such as Tir Tangire require that Corporations be state controlled. What follows is a list of Nationally ranked corporations:
CROWN IMPERIAL CORPORATION (menadżer autoryzowany do wysyłania funduszy - Ivan Dragomilov)
10,000 Daggers
12584AG Limited
Abbey Productions
Abraxas Industries
ABTech Enterprises
Adams-Hoffmann Corporation
Aegis Cognito
AeroDesign Systems
Affiliated Artists
Air France
Air Provo
Air West
Airbus Industries
Airship Industries
Alamo Air
Alvis PLC
American Ammo Company (amunicja)
Ancient Wisdom
Andalusian Light Industries
Angelic Entertainment
APEC Consortium
Apep Consortium
Aqua Arcana
Arabian Future Industries
Archon Enforcement
Armadillo Air Shuttle
Athabaskan Oil
Atlantic Security
Aurora Biofacilities
Australian Development Cooperative
Australis Entertainment
Autobus Fortin Poulin
Awakened Control Center
Awakened World Research
Bahay ng isda
Baird Communications Corporation
Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc. (broń palna)
Bass Investment & Resource
Beretta (Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta)
Berkeley Soy Products
BIF Incorporated
Bionergetica Ukraine
Black Ball Transport, Incorporated
Black Cat Cargo Lines
Black Eagle Investigations (Londyn/CAS)
[url] [/url]
Blood Moonies Software
Blue Line Buses
Bluedog Tunes (CAS)
Blueline Tours & Trip


Ważne Oddziały
Boeing (Federated Boeing)
Centrala: Seattle, UCAS
Prezes / CEO: Jessica Sirianni
Major subsidiaries: Autometric, Federated-Boeing Energy, Federated-Boeing Metalworks, Federated-Boeing Shipyards, Hughes Helicopters, McDonnell-Douglas, Phantom Works, Sea Launch, Solid-State Electronics
Boeing is the third zajmującą się technologiami kosmicznymi company in the world, behind Ares and S-K Aerospace (technologie kosmiczne). It worth note that Ares' leading position itself accounts revenues from Boeing subcontracting. But the more detailed look also reveals Boeing is largely falling behind in space and bears a real competition on each other segment by companies more specialized like Airbus (civilian aircraft), Lockheed (military systems) and Sikorsky-Bell (helicopters).
The side activities of Boeing includes air transport, naval construction and energy production. The second division in importance is handling mining, metallurgy and polymers production. A group of major contracts signed during the Pacific Prosperity Group summit in June with Korean corporations for nickel and plastics have marked the start of profitability from Boeing plants in Indonesia and Malaysia.
However, nearly all of Boeing higher echelons, including Sirianni, comes from Seattle aeronautic branch offices. She obtained Chief Financial Officer Bradley Morris' resignation over a sharp decrease of revenue, effectively throwing out the last of the Federated Investors executives that recovered Boeing Co in 2039.
Boeing Carriers (Federated Boeing Carriers)
Boeing Metalworks
Boeing Shipyards
Firmy, które kontroluje
McDonnell Douglas
Sea Launch Incorporated
Bowman Metal Works (Auburn)
Brackhaven Investments (UCAS)
Brain Drain Enterprises
Brichert Paper Mills (Tacoma)
Brigham Young Transit Line (Salt Lake City)
BrightEdge (Mercenary/Morroco)
Brilliant Genesis Studios (Los Angeles)
British Aerospace Systems (Systemy kosmiczne)
British Airline
British Comet
British Midair
Browning (Salt Lake City)
Business Computers International (Addison, Dallas, TX)
BMW (należy do S-K)
Carnation-Seattle Ranch
Carras Communications
CASA (Madryd)
Cascade Air
Caterpillar, Incorporated (Peoria, IL)
Cell Works (Chicago)
Celtec Integrated Systems (UCAS)
Ceska Zbrojovkain Prague (Prague) wł. Ceska Zbrojowska (baza: Praga)
Cessna Aircraft Company (Wichita, KS)
Cherry Creek Limited
Chrysler (NISSAN) 3rd tier
Firmy, które kontroluje
Daimler-Benz AG
Nissan Motor Company, Ltd. (Tokio)
Cinema Products
Citibank (Manhattan)
Coca-Cola Company (Atlanta)
Colorado Craft
Colt Manufacturing Company, Inc. (West Hartford, CT) (broń palna)
Columbia Industries (Seattle)
Combat Incorporated (Macao) (najemnicy)
Commonwealth Enterprises
Confederate Investment Corporation
Confederate Investment Corporation of Tallahassee (Florida)

Cord Mutual (Atlanta)Edytuj

Siedziba: Atlanta, Georgia, CAS
President: Heinrich Messer
CEO: Naomi Beauchard
The Cord Mutual remains the largest insurer in the world. Most rather know the name of its medical insurance and services branch, DocWagon. Since its creation, the high mobility and availability service of DocWagon became a model with franchises and copycats throughout America and the rest of the world. The Cord Mutual subsequently constituted a holding of pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology (Biotechnologie: badania i inżynieria genetyczna) companies to support its medical activities.
However, the megacorporation recently suffered a setback in the failure of its takeover bid for the firefighter service Franklin Associates Inc. in which it remains the largest single shareholder. One of the reason might well be the bad publicity brought by the arrest of Dr. Julius Beauchard, a voodoo cult leader in New Orleans and the own father of Mrs. Naomi Beauchard.
Cunard Lines Ltd.
Cyberspace Designs ???CYBERSPACE DEVELOPMENT CORP (FUCHI - frakcja Villiers-a)???
Dadson Vision Entertainments (Kalifornia)
Daf Traumma Wagon
Daiatsu-Caterpillar (pojazdy)
Daisaka Security
Dallmayr Corporation (Monachium, Niemcy)
Danchekker's Prime Series Incorporated
Danmark Line
Dassurn Securities & Investments (Seattle)
Delta Queen
DeMeKo (Deutschland Medien und Kommunikations)
Denali Transport
Deutsche Treuhandanstalt Finanztransaktions und Consuting ÖAG ("Treuhand") (Niemcy)
Diamond Deckers (Auburn, WA)
Dolmen Data Systems
Dr. Knox's Coach Company
Dr. Pepper Incorporated (Dallas, TX)
Dreamcatcher Studios
Drive-Ware Technologies
DuoTech (UCAS)
Eagle Feather Transit
Eagle Security Services Incorporated
Earth Medicine (Sioux)
Eastern Financial
Eastern Star Pharmaceuticals
Eastern Tiger Corporation
Edmonds Instruments (Snohomish,WA)
Eibisu Biomechanics
Eireann-Tir Publishers
Elk-Sedge Systems
Emerald City Airlines
Enfield (broń palna)
Entertainment Systems
Erika Telecom (Unia Skandynawska / Scandanavian Union)
Esprit Industries
Etheric Computing Services
Eurocar Consortium
European Arm Works
Eurotronics Consortium
Excelsior SA (Chihuaha, Aztlan)
Executive Action Brigade
Exotech Entertainement
Exxoco Petrochem
Facet Visualizations Incorporated
Fast-Flesh Enterprises (Baza: Chicago, IL)
Ważne Oddziały
Fast-Flesh Processing
Firmy, które kontroluje
Johnson's Old Fashioned Meats
Fox Simsense
Financial Services Corporation
Flamingo Casino Group
Flying Thunderbird Farm
Ford Corporation


Centrala: Dearborn, Michigan, UCAS
Prezes / CEO: William Tyler
Major subsidiaries: EMCo, Hertz Corporation, Jaguar Cars, Kia Motors, Mazda Motor Corporation
The automotive company created by Henri Ford remained through most of America industrial history a major player. In addition to its own activities in Europe, Ford owns 51% of the EMCo and provides technical designs to the European companies the EMCo gathers: Opel, Peugeot-Citroen, Skoda Auto and Land Rover. The part of incomes from the defense contracts seriously dropped in favor of General Motors since Ares acquired it. The remnants mostly comes from motor transmissions, Land Rover militarized 4x4 and armor kits and Mazda electric subsystems. However Ford exclusive contracts with the Lone Star and DocWagon are up for renewal both in the coming year.
Firmy, które kontroluje
Kia Motor Company, Ltd.
Skoda Auto (Czechia )
Peugeot Citröen SA (Paris)Opel AG (Rüsselsheim, Niemcy)
Mazda Motor Corporation (Hiroshima)
European Motor Corporation (Emco)
Fort Howard Bristol-Meyers Squibb Corporation
Franchi (broń palna)
Frankfurter Bankverein (FBV) (Frankfurt)
Franklin Associates Incorporated
Fratanzella, Inc.
Fratellanza, Inc.(Seattle)
Free Transit Cartage
Front Range Transit International
Fuch-Auberlien Financial Services
Furin Incorporated
G. Meyers Agriculture (Rolnictwo)
Ważne Oddziały
G. Meyers Groceries
Gaeatronics (Home Office: Olympia, Salish)
Firmy, które kontroluje
Omni Electronics (Salish-Shidhe)
Gavilan Ventures
Gaz-Willys (pojazdy)
Geas Airlines
Geneering (France)
General Services
Geordie Airlines
Global Business Computers
Global Oil


Centrala: Dallas, Texas, CAS
Prezes / CEO: Oliver Sneider
Główne oddziały: Bass Investment & Resource, Bus-Comp International, Global Steel, GR Shipping, Line Industrial Solutions, Montclair Assets, Three-Towers Insurance
Historically, Global Oil was a financial corporation specialized in oil industry services: financing, brokering, equipment and transport of oil. It is conducting business in association with numerous exploiting companies, the largest being Exxoco, followed by smaller ones like Gulfstar, Tsuruga Oilco and Bathotech.
But the merger with UCAS Steel & Manufacturing and the acquisition of Montclair Industries have made Global Oil a large industrial company with a strain of on its traditional oil business investments. It is very present in a whole range of activities in the Caribbean League, and one of the top three steel industrial along with Nucorp (the American branch of SK's Heme Group) and BeLTV (Sikorsky-Bell group).
Most experts agrees that Global Oil should rebalance its activities. A possible plan would be a merger with Exxoco and a split of the resulting entity into a financial and an industrial companies.
Firmy, które kontroluje
Montclair Industries
Global Technologies Incorporated (Bellevue,WA) (Symstym)
Glock GmbH (broń palna)
GM-Nissan (pojazdy)
Golden Eagle Transit
Goodyear tire & Rubber Company (Akron, OH)
Govinda Enterprises (Chicago, IL)
Gray Swan
Greater Victoria
Grenville-Adams PLC
Griffin Industries
[url] [/url]
GTC Productions
Gulfstar (New Orleans)
Gunderson Corporation (Miami)
GWN Corporation
Halcyon Systems
Hanara Seattle
Harburgh Detox Labs (Massachusetts)
Hardware Etcetera
Harley-Davidson, Inc. (Milwaukee)
Hassayn PetroChem
Havergill Electronics
Heckler & Koch (broń palna)
Henequen Enterprises
HermeTech Associates
Hermetic Services Incorporated
High Plains Coding
Highstar Incorporated
High-Yield Industries
Hilton Hotels Corporation
Hitachi, Ltd. (Tokio)
Holden (Frankfurt)
Hollywood Simsense Entertainements (Redmond, WA)
Honda Motor Company, Ltd. (Tokio)
Firmy, które kontroluje
Horizon Software
Hourani Construction (Lebannon)
Hydro-Québec IFMU (Niemcy)
Ifrit Services (Arabia)
Industrial Electronics Unlimited (UCAS)
Integrated Weapon Systems PLC (Nottingham, UK)
Firmy, które kontroluje
Bond & Carrington
International Information Systems
Jackdaw Limited
Javert & Cie (France)
JHIH (John Hopkins Institute of Health)
KAN-Triangle (Japonia)
Kenshi Electronics (Japonia)
Kesai & Wilhelm
Khouang Combine (Vietnam)
Kigune UCAS
Kingdom Seven Enterprises (Washington, FDC)
Kingsley Precision Metal
Kodak (Eastman Kodak Company) (Rochester, NY)
Kokura Biotechnologies (Biotechnologie: badania i inżynieria genetyczna)
Ważne Oddziały
Kokura Engineering
Komatsu, Ltd.
Kono-Furata-Ko International
Firmy, które kontroluje
Hurley-Cooper Laboratories (New Bronx, NY)
Kuroyama Minerals
Kuze Nihon
Kwonsham Industries (Pyongyang)
Kyuusei Medical (Spokane)
KZHN (Los Angeles)
Lami Look Pagkaon (Bataan)
Learjet, Inc. (Wichita, KS)
Learson Shipyard (Tacoma, WA)
Legend Industries (Chicago, IL)
Letool Industries
Leyland-Zil (pojazdy)
Life-Eez Appliances (Redmond, WA)
Lifestar Health Services Incorporated
Lightbringer Services Corporation
Living Life Productions (Simsense/UCAS)
Lochlann Investments
Long Arms (National Police/Algonkian-Manitou )
Loomis Armored Air Couriers
Lordstrung Retail Consortium International (Seattle)
Los Angeles Power & Water Company (Los Angeles)
Maas Intertech
Magdeburg Compound Materials
Malaysian Independant Bank
Manadyne Corporation (Boston)
Mandala Technologies
Mangadyne (Hong Kong)
Manhattan Incorporated (Nanhattan, NYC)
Market Research Group (Singapur)
Maxwell Technologies (CalFree)
MCT-Nissan (Japonia)
MechAnima (Technomagics/Sacramento)
MegaMedia (Seattle)
Firmy, które kontroluje
MegaMedia International
MegaMedia Productions
Mesametric (Casper)
MET2000 (Mercenary/Hannover, Niemcy)
Meta Securities, Incorporated (UCAS)
Metagenetic Research Consortium
Metro Transit
Microdeck Industries (Home office: Bellevue, SEA)
Firmy, które kontroluje
Microdeck Software (Bellevue, WA)
Gate's Computer Showcase (Seattle)
Microlux Corporation (Niemcy)
Microtronics Aztlan
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
Firmy, które kontroluje
Mitsubishi-GM (Tokio)
Monohan Vehicles (Redmond, WA)
Moonlight Aerospace (technologie kosmiczne)
Mortimer of Londyn (Londyn)
Mossberg & Sons, Inc.(North Haven, CT )
Motorola-Hiatsu (Dallas, TX)
Mueller-Schlüter Infotech (Niemcy)
MultiOcto Corporation (Quebec)
Nagato Combine
National Oil
Native American Broadcasting Service
Nebula Systems
Nestlé SA (Vevey, Szwajcaria) (żywność)
Netlink Telecommunications
New Dawn Corporation
Firmy, które kontroluje
New Dawn Medical Research
New Dawn Pharmaceuticals
Genome Research
Genome Technologies
GTC Applied Technologies
New Horizons
New Jersey Consolidated Light and Power Company (New Jersey)
New Line
New Star
Night Crawlers Corporation
Nihon Enterprises (Japonia)
Nippon United
NitroSec (UCAS) (ochrona)
Nizhinyi (Rosja) (obronność)
Norh Industries Corporation (Norinco)(China)
North American Eagle Life Insurance (Atlanta)
Northern Air (Athabaskan)
Northern Light Plastics (Athabaskan)
NuGene Corporation (Portland)
NYPD Incorporated (Manhattan, NYC)
Omni Police Services
Onyx Military Industries, LLC. (CAS)
Optical Media Systems (Seattle)
Orion's Belt Studios
O'Toole Communication (Tir Nan Og)
Ważne Oddziały
O'Toole Transcom
O'Toole Transport Systems
Pacific Cybernetics Incorporated (Vancouver)
Pacific Foods (California)
Pacific Rim Bank (Tokio)
Pacific Rim Communications Northwest (Tacoma, WA)
Pacific Rim Communications Unlimited (Tokio)
Pacific Royalty
PanEuropa Bank
Parashield (Paranimal care and research) (badania i opieka nad parazwierzętami)
Patterson Fabrics
Perfecto Polymers
Personal Security Corporation (UCAS)
Filipiny Broadcasting Network (Manilla, Filipiny)
Philips (Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Phoenix Fire Management
Firmy, które kontroluje
Nunoo Health (Asante)
Phoenix Security (UCAS)
[url] [/url]
Photo-3 Cable Connectors
Pisces Mining Company (Aleut)
PlanetLink (Sacramento) (telekomunikacja)
Polynesian Fuels (Polinezja Francuska)
Porsche AG (Stuttgart)
Power Persona (Tacoma, WA)
Princess Cruise

Prometheus Engineering (Manhattan, NYC)Edytuj

Centrala: Manhattan, New York, UCAS
Prezes: Wayne DeVries
Prometheus Engineering is a megacorporation conducting research and development in construction and mechanical engineering, chemistry, cybernetic and Biotechnologies (Biotechnologie: badania i inżynieria genetyczna). It is also the owner of the famous Hyundai-IBM robotic laboratories in Armonk and Pusan acquired when IBM went bankrupt in 2039. In the early fifties it produced several important breakthrough in the particular robotic field of artificial intelligence.
Prometheus have been from the start strongly tied to the Ares Macrotechnology group and especially to Ares Cybernetic & Medical and AresSpace. In late 2062, Prometheus signed a major contract with the UCAS Department of Defense to prepare with AresSpace the next generation of military satellites using nanotechnology and expert systems. This is essentially a gift, as Prometheus fell behind other foreign nanotechnology laboratories in the last years.
Purec Engineering (Netherlands)(Oczyszczanie Morza Północnego)
Putnam-Izumo Publishers
Quark Studios
Québec Aviation
Radio Shack
Range RoverRCA-Unisys (pojazdy)
Reality Studio (Magical Research/Boston)
Reality, Incorporated
Rebel Enterprises Investments
Red Wheel Engineering
Reliable Imaging (Centrala: Atlanta)
Remington Arms Company, Inc. (Siedziba: Madison, NC) (broń palna)
Renault-Fiat (pojazdy)
Revlup Security (więzienia)
RMK (Rosja)
Rolls-Royce PLC (Centrala: Londyn)
Ruger (broń palna)
Firmy, które kontroluje
Krauss-Maffei Wegmann GmbH & Co KG (Centrala: Monachium, Niemcy)
Saab AB (Linköping, Sweden)
Firmy, które kontroluje
Saiki Corporation (Siedziba: Australia)
Sakura Security (ochrona)
Salish Transport
Schumacher & Brandt (Niemcy)
Screaming Eagle Overland
Sculpted Environmental (Siedziba: Tir Na Nog)
Sea-Tac Express (Siedziba: Seattle)
Seco (broń palna)
Sekrit Systemz Snowtech (Centrala: Quebec)
Semopal (broń palna) (MATT: chyba powinno być Samopal??)
Seretech Med-Research
Seven Arrows (górnictwo)
Shaw Textiles (Centrala: Atlanta)
Shishi Conglomerated
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
Firmy, które kontroluje
Kamov Aeronautics (Siedziba: Rosja)
Sinclair Skies (UK)
Sioux National Transit
Snohomish Optical Incorporated (Centrala: Snohomish)
Snohomish Security Personnel (Centrala: Snohomish)
Snohomish Society Farm (Centrala: Snohomish)
Society Farms
Softmicro Incorporated
Software Simulations Eireann-Tir (Siedziba: Tir Na Nog)
Sony Biotech
Firmy, które kontroluje
Sony cybersystems
Sony Dataworks Corporation
Spectrum Holofix Entertainment Systems
Starfield Botanical Engineering (Siedziba: CAS)
Stealth Technologies (Provo)
Steve's Buses
Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG (Centrala: Wiedeń)
Stuffwerks (Siedziba: Kent, WA)
Suichini Magical Mechanics
Sumuvani-Criscraft (pojazdy)
Suzuki Works (Siedziba: Hamamatsu, Japonia)
Syntronic Biotech (Siedziba: Atlanta)
Table Top Travel
Tablelands Restaurant
Tablelands Software
Talbot Security Vehicles (Siedziba: Renton, WA)
Tandy Corporation (Siedziba: Ft. Worth, TX)
//Firmy, które kontroluje//
NEC Corporation (Japan Electric)
Tangent Technologies (Siedziba: Seattle)
Texas Instruments (Siedziba: Dallas, TX)
Textron Inc. (Siedziba: Providence, RI)
Thomas Lake Mining & Oil (Siedziba: Everett, WA)
Thundercloud (przemysł motoryzacyjny)
Thyssen Haneschel Motorwerk (Siedziba: Niemcy)
Tiffani (broń palna/Siedziba: Włochy)
Tokugawa Technologies
Toshiba Corporation (Siedziba: Tokio)
Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) (pojazdy)
//Firmy, które kontroluje//
Toyota-Singarms (Siedziba: Singapur)
Trans-Latvia Enterprises
This small Latvian company makes its claim to fame by being a major shareholder in the Novatech corporation. The company holds enough Novatech shares to grant them a miejsce w radzie nadzorczej seat, though they do not presently send any members to the rady nadzorczej.
Trans-Orbital (Siedziba: Manhattan)
Trans-Pan ROF
Trans-Polar Air (transport lotniczy)
Tridéovision Quatre Elements (Siedziba: Quebec)
Triumph Motorcycles Ltd.(Siedziba: Hinckley,UK) (pojazdy)
TriVol Technologies (Nashville) (Media)
Truman Distribution Network
Firmy, które kontroluje
Truman Technologies
Simsense Systems
ESP Systems
Tsimshian Airways (linie lotnicze)
Tsimshian Ferry Corporation
Tsunami (Siedziba: Okinawa) (najemnicy)
UCAS Data Systems
UCAS Online
This small Latvian company makes its claim to fame by being a major shareholder in the Novatech corporation. The company holds enough Novatech shares to grant them a miejsce w radzie nadzorczej seat, though they do not presently send any members to the board.
UCAS Protective Services (Siedziba: Washington FDC)
UCAS Steel & Manufacturing
Underplex Corporation (Siedziba: Londyn)
United Defense Industries, Inc. (Siedziba: Arlington, VA)
United Meat Products (żywność)
United Oil Industries (Siedziba: Dallas, CAS)
Siedziba: Dallas, Texas, CAS
Prezes / CEO: Gerald Byrne
With oil rigs in Texas, California, the NAN, Chili and Arabia, United Oil Industries is one of the largest oil producer. However it's real lead lies in the development of refinements techniques and underground prospecting and extraction methods. Unlike the industrial chemicals processing activities, research ventures in the new chemical fuels caused a growing deficit in the last years. Insider source at Boeing, a major partner of UniOil, revealed that the company main laboratory in Seattle could close its doors, although UniOil made no further comment. The megacorporation also operates several transport and shipping companies and holds a major financial position in Texas with stockholding in many other important corporations in the area.
Ważne Oddziały
United Oil Research and Development
Universal Omnitech (Vancouver)
Siedziba: Vancouver, SSC
Prezes / CEO: Hamilton Grimes
Major subsidiaries: Aurora Biodesigns, DeBeers-Omnitech, Ingersoll & Berkeley
Universal Omnitech is well-known as the pioneer in Biotechnology (Biotechnogii: badaniach i inżynierii genetycznej), from the basic sequencing of human genome achieved in 2046 to the last enhancements of physical and neural capacities. The research capacities in the genetic field was carried on in production and processing of food with the acquisition of Ingersoll & Berkeley. UO also controls activities in microtronics, one that brought it together with diamond specialist DeBeers, in spite of the two companies' dissimilarity.
UO is now seeing the end of the so-called markets' bio-euphoria from a top position shared with Yamatetsu. The courtrooms won't be appeased so quickly as evidence are brought of manipulations and corruption conducted by the North American Association of Technologies for Organisms and the Altman & Lydecker law firm on the behalf of UO.
New Dawn Biotechnologies (Biotechnologie: badania i inżynieria genetyczna)
Ingersoll & Berkeley (Siedziba: Seattle)
Ingersoll & Berkeley Soy Processing (Siedziba: Everett, WA)
Ingersoll Aquaculture (Siedziba: Snohomish, WA)
Debeers Omnitech
U-Push-It Incorporated
U-Store Incorporated
Vashon Island
VaulTek (Siedziba: Pueblo)
VIA Rail (Siedziba: Quebec)
Virtual Reality Incorporated (Siedziba: Pueblo)
Virtual World-Disney (rozrywka)
VisionCrafters (Siedziba: Vancouver)
Visioncrafters Optics (Siedziba: Seattle)
VisionQuest Entertainment
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VisionQuest Studios
VisionQuest Virtual Theme Park
Volkswagen AG (pojazdy)
Voyageur Lines (Siedziba: Quebec)
Walther (broń)
Warren Habitats (habitaty - zamknięte, samowystarczalne budynki. Wykorzystywane pod wodą lub w kosmosie)
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Warren Security (ochrona)
WC Consulting
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WC Data Processing
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Remote Technologies
Western Biosystems
Whippet Bus Lines
WhiteStar Company
Wind River Corporation
Wind Speaker Corporation
Wind Transit
Winnebago Industries, Inc.
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Winter Systems
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Winter Weapon Systems (broń i sprzęt wojskowy)
Wolverine Security
Wynne Conglomerate
Yamaguchi Technologies<;;br /> Yamaha Works
Yang Su Enterprises
//Firmy, które kontroluje//
DIBAL Holdings
Zeemandt GmbH
Zeiss-Nikon (optyka)
Zemlya-Poltava (Rosja)(pojazdy)
Zen-Marsh Chemicals (przemysł chemiczny)
Zeppelinwerke (pojazdy)
Zor Entertainment (rozrywka)

  • President/CEO: Saru Iwano
  • Headquarters: Vladivostok, Russia
  • Seattle Division: Yamatetsu Seattle
  • Division Head: Mary Luce

How times have changed. Yamatetsu, the red-headed stepchild of the Japanese megacorps, has jumped into the spotlight with the recent change in command (its new ork chairman) and the move of its world headquarters from Japan to Vladivostok.

With the ascension of an ork to the top spot, the corporation is now seen as more meta-friendly and magically aware than any Japanese corp has a right to be. Yamatetsu has been quick to capitalize on this new reputation, initiating a hiring blitz among metahumans in Seattle and changing its advertising to show the exotic and magical appeal of an “Awakened” corporation. This has caused no small amount of conflict with some of the company’s more traditionalist employees, setting off power struggles throughout the corporate infrastructure. Plenty of people in Yamatetsu are calling in their markers. It’ll be interesting to see how all this plays out … and potentially lucrative for shadowrunners, of course. In order to get its own house in order, Yamatetsu’s going to have to reorganize; some of the execs are forward-thinking enough to see the writing on the wall and are already preparing for the shift in management (and that’s where we come in, chummers).

>>>>>[Yamatetsu has no friends among the Japanacorps, so look for Mary Luce to cultivate alliances with Wuxing and Novatech, the new kids on the block.]<<<<<

- Findler-Man

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