• Leader: Chulsoon Gray-Wolf
  • Territory: Redmond
  • Symbol: A black wolf’s head with the Korean word for “honor” written on its forehead in white.

The Komun’go Ring operates in the Redmond district. The Ring’s leader, Chulsoon Gray-Wolf, is the son of a Native American and a Korean yakuza member who died during the Schism. He’s also one of the younger Seoulpa Ring leaders in Seattle. His chief lieutenant is Black-Cloud-in-Morning, a Haida shaman who conducts the Ring’s initiation rites. The gang makes regular use of magic in their operations.

The Komun’go Ring runs smuggling, fencing, protection and information rackets in Redmond, frequently trying to horn in on yakuza action, and equally often butting heads with local gangs like the Red Hot Nukes and the Rusted Stilettos. The Ring runs a lot of protection rackets near the Salish-Shidhe border, using threats of magical and physical violence to give their “suggestions” weight.

> Black-Cloud uses magic to probe the minds of potential members and learn their dirty secrets. His abilities have kept the Komun’go Ring free of infiltrators and spies, as well as giving Black-Cloud a lot of power over Ring members.

> Walker

> If Black-Cloud has that kind of power, why doesn’t he just oust Gray-Wolf and take over the Komun’go?

> Jaxon

> Honor. Gray-Wolf saved Black-Cloud’s life years ago— something involving trouble with the Tsimshian government. Black-Cloud owes Gray-Wolf. He’s totally loyal, as the few yakuza who attempted to subvert him discovered before their untimely deaths.

> Kiku

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