Mieszcząca sie w Seattle filia spółki Knight Errant Security Services (która jest spółką zależną megakorporacji Ares Macrotechnology).

The brainchild and pet project of Ares CEO Damien Knight, Knight Errant is Seattle’s second-largest security provider. The company’s training academy in Renton turns out new KE security personnel, and KE holds private security contracts throughout the metroplex. Knight Errant personnel are given the best equipment from other Ares subsidiaries. Ares Arms uses KE to test some of its newest prototypes, particularly non-lethal weapons. Sleek and stylish in their black uniforms, Knight Errant security agents have a better media profile than Lone Star. The Star officers are still regarded as beat cops, while KE personnel are considered elite.

>>>>>[Yeah,but Lone Star has one thing KE doesn’t; they’re the cops. In mind of the average Seattlite, Lone Star equals police. People tend to forget that Lone Star is a corporation like any other. Sure, the Star isn’t as glamorous as Knight Errant, but they’re so entrenched in the public mind that replacing them won’t be easy.]<<<<<

>>>>>[A provision in Dunkelzahn’s will gives a major windfall to the corp that develops effective non-lethal weapons technology. Ares Arms and Lone Star are both going for it, so expect to see plenty of corporate infighting over new prototypes.]<<<<<

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