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Vital Statistics Edytuj

(Source: Shadows of Asia, p. 152) As of 2064:

  • Population: 8,947,000
    • Khmer 85%
    • Chinese 4%
    • Thai 3%
    • Vietnamese 3%
    • Other 5%
  • Major Languages: Khmer (95%), Thai (12%), Chinese (4%)
  • Major Religions: Buddhist (79%), shamanist (8%), Muslim (4%), Christian (4%)

History Edytuj

  • 2022—Vietnam invades Cambodia, aiming at Phnom Penh.
  • 2043—Cambodia suffers so much damage that eventually Vietnam withdraws.

Politics Edytuj

The country is ruled by King Sindarath Sisowath, with his heir Prince Naradorom. The main political power rests with the Prime Minister Mak Sok.

There is currently a “Naga Insurrection” attempting to restore the “Naga Kingdom” in Cambodia, which has met with limited success.

Geography Edytuj

Cambodia’s geography is similar to the rest of Indochina. There are three seasons, a cool and dry season, a hot and dry season, and the monsoon season. Flash floods and sticky muddy terrain predominate during the monsoon season.

Economy Edytuj

Cambodia’s economy, devastated from the recent wars and from government corruption, is poor, with what little support and infrastructure coming from the few corporations that maintain a presence here.

Corporate Presence Edytuj

References Edytuj

  • Main Source: Shadows of Asia, pp. 152-153
  • Target: Awakened Lands, p. 81—Angkor Wat complex is home to an Awakened rebel group made up of merrows, harpies and led by nagas.

External Links Edytuj

English language Anglojęzyczne hasło na Sixth World Wiki : Kambod%C5%BCa

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