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Dasypus praegrandisEdytuj

The Juggernaut is an awakened cousin of the mundane armadillo, it is physically a match for the common armadillo, however at a much grander scale. Measuring at more than 14 meters from head to tail, the creature is far larger than metahumans and, although it has no teeth like its mundane cousing, it does have serrated bony ridges in upper and lower jaws, allowing for the rending of anything it eats.

Being an omnivore in the truest sense of the word, it eats vegetable, animal and mineral material, making no distinctions or preferences. Due to their size and non-restrictive eating habits, they tend to simply cut swaths of destruction in areas, causing massive damage to areas. Government bounties on the creatures have little effect on the destrution since the creatures are extremely hard to kill.


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