Ustrój:Constitutional Monarchy
Przywódcy:Emperor: Yasuhito
Prime Minister: Shobo Kazama
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Japanese Imperial State or JIS (日本帝国, nihon teikoku) is the current government of Japanese archipelago and neighboring protectorates. The current Emperor of Japan is Emperor Yasuhito, who replaced Emperor Kenichi following the Unzen Volcano eruption that devstated the Shimabara Pennisula in the south of Kyushu in 2061, and the current Prime Minister is Shobo Kazama.

History Edytuj

See Timeline of the JIS

Politics Edytuj

The JIS is a constitutional monarchy, with a bicameral legislature known as the Diet (国会,kokkai), a Judiciary, and an executive branch known as the Cabinet, which is run by the Prime Minister. The Emperor of Japan (天皇, tenno, but is sometimes referred to as 天皇陛下, tenno heika, "His Majesty the Emperor", or 帝, mikado) is a head of state and the symbol of the state, but holds no actual political power within the JIS. However, the JIS reestablished sovereignty of Japan with the Emperor, which had prior to the Big Switch been the domain of the people.

Geography Edytuj

Japan archipelago, the JIS homeland, comprises a chain of islands, the largest of which are, from north to south, Hokkaido (北海道), Honshu (本州, the largest island), Shikoku (四国), and Kyushu (九州).

List of Prefectures Edytuj

The 47 main prefectures of the JIS homeland, ordered from north to south.

This list does not include outside prefectures such as the Prefecture of the Philippines Islands (比島道, hitou-do) or San Francisco (サンフランシスコ都, sanfuranshisuko-to).

Metropolitian AreasEdytuj

The JIS has had major urban sprawling occur within the homeland over the past 80 years, with the sprawls known as the Greater Tokyo Area (東京圏, tokyo-ken) also known as the Tokyo-Yokohama area, (although the sprawl encompasses the prefectures of Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, and Saitma) and Keihanshin (京阪神), or the Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto metropolitian area.

Economy Edytuj

Corporate Presence
Mitsuhama Computer Technologies (HQ: Kyoto) (csf.134-136, cd.58-65)
Renraku Computer Systems (HQ: Chiba) (bib.42-44, cd.75)
Shiawase Corporation (HQ: Osaka) (bib.27-29)
Yakashima (HQ: Yokohama) (poad.71-72, bib.78)

The Japanese Imperial State is home to three AAA Megacorporations, Shiawase, Mitsuhama, and Renraku, and continues to host a major presence from another AAA, Yamatetsu, whose administrative headquarters relocated to Vladivstok, Russia in 2059.

Źródła Edytuj

Warto wspomnieć o:

ースブック, ISBN4-8291-7337-8) oraz

  • kolekcji powieści Tokyo-Eye-Shot (ISBN4-8291-4307-X C0176), napisane przez Akira Egawa i Group SNE, i wydane przez Fujimi-Shobo, japońskiego licencjobiorcę marki Shadowrun. Dodatkowo, opublikowano
  • Shadowrunową mangę.

See also Edytuj

Linki zewnętrzne Edytuj

  • JIS Project, an effort by Japanese Shadowrun gamers to develop a localized setting in synch with FASA/WizKids/FanPro material.
  • Burakumin

This page forked from Wordman's The Sixth World: A geographical index to the world of Shadowrun. It also contains information from the JIS Project, with the website owner, Fatcat's, permission.

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