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History Edytuj

End of the 2nd Iran-Iraq war after placement efforts of Ibn Eisa

(year of the comet)

Politics Edytuj

Ruled by Ayatollah Abdallah.

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Źródła Edytuj

Shadowrun Main Book s.26. 2020: In response to a jihad declared against the emerging metahuman races by Iran’s ruling Ayatollah, the dragon Aden demolishes the city of Tehran.
Target: Awakened Lands s.98. After Aden destroyed most of the city it was evacuated and left, the collapsed building and dead left where and as they were. The city has become a haven for ghouls, shedim, ordinary criminals and smugglers and is still haunted by the ghosts of those that Aden killed.
Target: Wastelands s.46. Iran is led by Ayatollah Abdallah.
Target: Wastelands s.46. The Lout desert is situated in the middle of Iran. The Black Scorpions, considered one of the most sophisticated terrorist groups in the world, are rumoured to operate two subterranean training bases somewhere deep in the desert.
Survival of the Fittest s.95. Tehran is haunted by Wraiths which are attracted to the pain and suffering of the city.
Survival of the Fittest s.95. Intorduction of the iman Musa Muqla and his small group of followers who are attempting to purge Tehran of the more dangerous spirits and creatures that live there.

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Submitted to the unpublished NERPS: Neo-Anarchists' Guide to the World.

This page forked from Wordman's The Sixth World: A geographical index to the world of Shadowrun

English language Anglojęzyczne hasło na Sixth World Wiki : Iran

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