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In Imago Dei (roughly translated to "In the Image of God") was a Catholic encyclical released by Pope John XXV in 2024, which set forth the following statements as doctrine of the Catholic Church:

  • Metahumans are possessed of souls and capable of salvation. Discrimination against metahumans is not Christian.
  • Magical abilities are not, by nature, evil. Rather, like any other human ability, they may be used for good or evil.
  • Spirits are living manifestations of nature. Thus, conjuring is not in itself evil. However, Conjuring touches on so many questions of faith and doctrine that Catholics may not practice it without specific permission from the Church, to be only used by clergy under unique circumstances.

This encyclical recinds the proclamation of the previous Pope John Paul IV, which condemned metahumanity and magic as the tools of the Devil. It also led to the establishment of the Order of St. Sylvester, a Catholic group of magicians who investigate magical phenomena for the Catholic Church.

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