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All rolls are Computer + Hacking Pool (unless otherwise specified), opposed by System Rating with TN: Detection Factor, (unless otherwise specified).

The most important thing to know about decking is that it's always a balance between caution and time. While you want to be careful (make lots of skill checks), each time you make a check, you come closer to running out of time (security tally increases) So make the bare minimum amount of rolls that you have to.

Order of how to do a Decking Run Edytuj

1) Setup (mostly setting up barriers to being traced)

  • Find appropriate Jackpoint (Trace modifiers are based on this step)
  • Redirect datatrail as appropriate
  • Locate the Host in question
  • Decrypt and Enter host

2) Look around (Analyze the host) (most deckers skimp on this step, but it may bite you in the ass later)

  • Check out Security Ratings
  • Check to see if you are in a virtual machine
  • Check out worms
  • Look for snooping deckers, frames, or SKs

3) Look for your target

  • Browse for a file
  • Browse for a slave node
  • Evaluate for a file (if PLOT information or paydata)
  • Check to see if there is Scramble IC
  • Check to see if there is a Data Bomb
  • Check the log

4) Do what you need to do

  • Validate a passcode
  • Upload/download Paydata
  • Manipulate Slave node

5) Log off

  • Graceful Logoff

X) When the shit hits the fan

  • Defeat a Trace
  • Erase all the Passcodes
  • Cybercombat
  • Crash the Host
  • Jackout!

Things you do before the run Edytuj

Redirect your datatrail (making a "bounce" point)

  • TN: Control - Camo
  • Only one "bounce" per grid. Protects you from Traces, at potential cost of increased Security tally prior to run.

Look up "the yellow pages"

  • TN: Index - Browse
  • When you really need to find a phone number. The basic "Locate Host" operation.

Decrypt an access point

  • TN: Access - Decrypt
  • Only for encrypted access points

Log on to the Host

  • TN: Access - Deception

Things you can see during the run Edytuj

Look around at the scenery (Perception test)

  • Analyze X (IC, Icon, Security, Locate IC)
  • TN: Control - Analyze
  • Find out one piece of information about something, or find a runaway Trace IC.

Test Reality (Is this really real? Really?)

  • TN: Control - Analyze
  • Detecting if you are in a Virtual Machine

Look around for a person

  • Locate Frame or Decker
  • TN: System - Scanner

Find a specific place/item

  • Locate File, Access Node, Slave Node
  • TN: Index - Browse

Locate Paydata

  • Either the PLOT data or just money data
  • TN: Index - Evaluate

Look up "the yellow pages"

  • TN: Index - Browse
  • When you really need to find a phone number.

Get the Log file

  • TN: Control - Validate
  • To see who's logged on/off a system

Things that you can do to help the "things you can do" Edytuj

Get a User Passkey

  • TN: Control - Validate
  • Bonus: -2 to Logon to Host operations
  • Lasts until: Active Alert is triggered or 1d6 x successes in days
  • While mostly worthless, this can give on-site friends a valid access key
  • Allows you to Analyze, Graceful Logoff, Locate Icons, Send Data, Upload Data for free.
  • Some passkeys give you access to Files or Slave nodes.

Get a Superuser Passkey

  • TN: Control - Validate + 2
  • Bonus: Free access to all basic (non-restricted) Access, Index, and Slave operations
  • Lasts until: Active Alert is triggered or 1d6 x successes in days
  • Great for gathering intel about a system.
  • Also allows you to Crash Host, Disinfect, Dump Log, Tap Datastream/Commcall, Validate/Invalidate Account

Get a Supervisor Passkey

  • TN: Control - Validate + 6
  • Bonus: -2 to ALL system tests that are not specifically restricted
  • Lasts until: Active Alert is triggered or or 1d6 x successes in days
  • The moneymaker. Do this if you think you need it.

Create a Decoy

  • TN: Control - Mirrors
  • Result: Any time an attacker tries to affect you, roll 1d6. If below Decoy successes, then they attack the Decoy instead.

Things you can do during a run Edytuj

Tap someone's phone and eavesdrop

  • Tap Commcall, Retrain bandwidth
  • TN: Control - Commlink

Phone a friend

  • TN: Files - Commlink
  • Essential to maintain radio contact with the rest of the team.

Crash a program (or the Host)

  • AKA Going BSOD, Microsoft, the Bomb icon
  • TN: Control/Files/Slave - Crash

Download/Upload/Edit a file

  • TN: Files - Read/Write

Control a Slaved node

  • TN: Slave - Spoof

Things you can do to protect yourself Edytuj


  • TN: Control - Relocate
  • This "pauses" the Location cycle of a Trace. If you don't suppress the IC, then it picks up its trail next turn.
  • If you do not Graceful Logoff or eventually defeat the IC, you risk getting traced.

Destroy Worms

  • TN: Appropriate Subsystem - Disinfect
  • Note: You can only destroy worms that you have found with an Analyze Subsystem test

Trash the Passcodes

  • TN: Control - Validate
  • This removes the Superuser (Smartgun link) status of security deckers.

Heal Attribute Damage

  • Dice: Restore Program Rating
  • TN: Highest Attacker's Rating
  • Result: Repairs 1 damage per 2 successes
  • (Note: If it ever gets to the point where you need to heal, you're probably already screwed)

Heal Condition Meter

  • Dice: Medic Program Rating
  • TN: Light - 4, Moderate - 5, Serious - 6
  • Result: Each success repairs one "box". Medic degrades by 1 point.

How to end your run Edytuj

Graceful Logoff

  • TN: Control - Deception
  • Will end traces, no dumpshock


  • Dumpshock: Power equal to Security Value, Level equal to Host (Blue = L, Green = Moderate, etc.)
  • Cool decks: -2 power, -1 level
  • ICCM: -2 Power, -1 level
  • NOTE: When you jackout, any remaining traces have a chance of catching up with you. This is not much of a problem when you are on-site decking, but when you are in the comfort of your own livingroom, that's a problem. And dumpshock's ALWAYS a bitch.

Traces (or the thing you should really avoid) Edytuj

Hunt Phase:

  • Like typical cybercombat, except that Trace IC rolls against a TN equal to your Trace Rating
  • Trace Rating: Evasion - Trace IC Rating + # of bounce points + Camo Rating
  • (Not using optional "Bandwidth rule" at this time)

If the Trace EVER succeeds in a Hunt Phase test, then you go into the Location Phase. Location Phase:

  • Trace IC will find you in 10 - successes turns. There are three things you can do:
  • 1) Graceful Logoff (ends the trace immediately, but ends the run)
  • 2) Relocate (will "pause" the Trace IC for one turn. Can be "paused" indefinitely if suppressed)
  • 3) Locate IC, then Cybercombat (Trace IC will always attempt to evade in this situation)

Combat (or the OTHER thing you should really avoid) Edytuj


  • Evader's Dice: Evasion Rating (Use Cloak to reduce your TN)
  • Opposed by: Sensors or Security Value (Use Lock-On to reduce your TN)

Maneuver to Dodge

  • Each success equals +1 TN to hit you

Run Away! Run Away!

  • Each success equals 1 combat turn that you can escape

Maneuver to Strike

  • Each success equals -1 TN to hit or +1 to Power

Using simplified Combat Resolution TNs

  • All combat TNs are 4, plus/minus modifiers. Having a Supervisor password is like having a Smartgun Link (-2 TN)

Block/Parry an attack

  • Dice: Shield Program Rating
  • TN: Attacker's skill (Computer Skill or Security Rating)
  • Result: Subtract successes against attacker's successes. Shield degrades by 1 point.

Tricks to boost your detection factor Edytuj

  • Every 2 dice of Hacking Pool you allocate increases your Detection Factor by +1 (up to 6 dice/+3)
  • You can change the "mode" of your deck to increase your Masking by 50% and decrease another persona by 50%.
  • Get the highest rated Sleaze and Masking you can get your hands on.

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