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Gas Bomb Edytuj

The upper part of this finger is really a small grenade. After detaching it from the base, the wearer can throw it like any aerodynamic grenade. The blast radius for a smoke filled grenade is 10 meters and it lingers for three combat turns. The smoke causes a reduction in visibility as per the type of smoke (heavy or thermal: reference SR 2nd ed. page 89.) The grenade can also be filled with Neuro-Stun VII gas (concussion type grenade : damage code 12M stun) or standard Fragmentation grenade (offensive type grenade: damage code 1 OS.) Refer to SR 2nd edition page 97 for blast effects of concussion and offensive grenades.

Gas Bomb
Koszt Esencji: . 15
 Dymny 3/3 dni
 Thermal 4/3 dni
 Neuro 6/4 dni
 Frag 4/3 dni
Cost: dymny 500Y
Indeks Ulicy: 2
 Thermal 600 ¥
 Neuro 1000 ¥
 Frag 750 ¥


Kage vol 1, Issue 2 (pierwszy kwartał 1994)

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