Issue 2, September 1990 Edytuj

ISSN: 0960-1325
Article & Authors: Dark Futures (overview, Tim Metcalfe & Paul Haigh)
Page: 10
Overview: Check it out, an overview of an overview... Yes, this article is a look at what makes Shadowrun, Shadowrun—a short history of the game world, a look at the system's possibilities, and a list of products that had been published when the article was written (which is to say, not a lot). It's naturally a bit dated now, almost a full decade later, but fun to read anyway when you have the ability to look back at what happened with Shadowrun since then. Not that you'll get much out of it for the game, though. (This is also why it's not rated — it has nothing that can be rated.)

Issue 13, August 1991 Edytuj

ISSN: 0960-1325
Article & Author: Search for the Lost City (adventure, Steve Longley)
Page: 40
Overview: This issue contains the first part of an adventure for Shadowrun, which will be discussed in the Magazine Adventures section for spoiler reasons.

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