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Picture from Paranormal Animals of Europe

Mustela putorius magnus Edytuj

The Foulmart is the Awakened version of the common Western polecat (Mustela putorius), and resembles a larger version of its progenitor, looking like a large mink. It averages 0.9 meters in length, with a tail length of 40 centimeters, and weighs 8 kilograms. It has dark-brown fur with yellowish underfur on the belly. It has white fur on the facial area.

It is a solitary nocturnal carnivore, eating small birds, mammals, snakes, lizards, frogs, toads, and eggs. The animal has overdeveloped anal musk glands which emit a powerful disabling scent, which it can spray at a considerable distance. It has no natural enemies in the wild.

The fur industry values the pelt of the foulmart, just as the perfume industry values the scent. Commercial foulmart farmers breed the creatures, extracting the scent glands before puberty to avoid problems. The foulmart is protected in Sweden, Finland, and Norway. The foulmart lives in woodlands, riverbanks, and urban fringes throughout all of Europe.

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