A troll or metavariant infected with a newly-discovered strain of the vampiric virus (HMHVV-II). Victims of the disease exhibit enlongated limbs, bony, subcutaneous acid glands, gills, extra incisors, and a manelike formation of dark hair. Fomorians posses similar powers to the dzoo-noo-qua - including regeneration and spell-resistance - though they also gain the Adept-like ability to increase their strength up to three times per day. They also gain a moderate allergic reaction to air pollution and a virtually-nonexistant sunlight allergy. Like victims of the Kreiger strain, fomorians do not suffer from chronic essence loss - though they do have the ability to pass their infection on to others.

Fomorians should not be confused with the Fomori - who are simply a Celtic variation of the troll metatype.

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