Położenie:Logan Avenue and North Sixth Street, Renton
LTG#: 16206 (49-0746)
Assistant Vice President: Benoit Wantach
Uprzedzenia: Brak

The manufacture of remote control vehicles is the main product here. The size of the vehicles range from the diminutive Bug Eye surveillance tilt-rotors to the huge Herd Animals.

At this facility, Federated-Boeing manufactures remote piloted vehicles (RPVs) ranging from tiny drones to huge Herd Animals (remote-controlled cargo planes that fly to nations on the Pacific Rim). The facility has R&D labs for developing and testing new drone designs, and word has it FB is investing cred in robotics development as well.

One of the R&D projects involves anthropomorphic robots and remote drones. FB is planning to expand further into the remote-system market with advanced robots for a variety of tasks, including some military applications. Tacoma Angel

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