Położenie: Space Needle tuż poniżej tarasu widokowego, Downtown
Właściciel: Gynt
Uprzedzenia: Brak

Of the two restaurants in the Space Needle, this one is the best and most well-known. The circular restaurant and bar is located just beneath the observation deck and is reached by several elevators from the ground or observation deck. The restaurant slowly rotates and the view is breathtaking. By the time the meal is over, diners will have enjoyed a birds-eye-view of the whole city.

Much of the luxury restaurant's success is the work of its owner. This gregarious dwarf knows everyone who is anyone in Seattle and what's more also knows how to put them at ease.

>>>>>[The Eye of the Needle has a secure private dining room equipped with a hermetic circle and state-of-the-art white noise generators for those private discussions.]<<<<<

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