The Enwontzane are nocturnal predators related to the Sasquatch. Even thought they are carnivores and regularly attack metahumans, they are not carriers of HMHVV, nor are they declared sentient; even with their relation to the Sasquatch.

They stand at just over 3 meters in height and are known to reside mostly in the arboreal forests of West Africa.


Enwontzane are nocturnal, arboreal predators related to the sasquatch. They stand nearly 3 meters tall and weigh more than 400 kilograms. They do not carry the HMHVV virus. Native to the forests of coastal West Africa, they will feed on anything ork-sized or smaller. They hunt and live in family groups of up to ten and have one infant per year.

B: 8
Q: 3 x 4
S: 7
I: 2/4
W: 4
E: 6Z
R: 4

INIT: 4 + 1k6
Attacks: 10S, +1 zasięg
Moce: Adaptive Coloration

Źródła Edytuj

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