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Picture from Paranormal Animals of North America

Gorilla rubicundi Edytuj

The Embracer is the Awakened version of the now-extinct mountain Gorilla (Gorilla berengei), and has much the same body proportions and size. However, the embracer is completely hairless, with smooth red skin and a wide mouth filled with sharp teeth. Above its brow are two small, curved horns.

Although omnivorous, 90 percent of the Embracer's diet consists of meat. They are somehow able to catch prey much swifter than themselves, as if they were able to magically prevent their prey from using its full speed. They are solitary hunters who are most active during the day.

Embracers produce corrosive and acidic secretions from their skin and are able to resist the intense heat of active volcanoes or hot springs. Many live near Mount St. Helens and Mount Baker.

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